Thursday, March 09, 2006

I just got back from Montreal, where I got to hear Katorz, the new Voivod album, and interview Jasonic and Away for an upcoming issue of Unrestrained! More details about the trip later.

It was pissing rain in Montreal today, and out my window tonight I can see Vancouver-style snow (i.e., chunky precipitation) in the street-lights' glare. It's a "Meteorological Inversion," which is not a Voivod song title, but should be.

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FredCQ said...

You got to hear the new Voivod. Alright, you really have my attention now. So what did it sound like? Voivod are one of my all time favorite metal bands. When they announced that Piggy was ill, I sent him an email but he had already passed on.