Sunday, March 26, 2006

I delivered fancylady to a baby shower out in Maple Ridge this morning. We listened to Rock 101's "Guitar Gods Weekend" for an hour in the truck. Rock 101, being the big classic rock station in town, is usually a reliable option for a drive—some Creedence for her, a little Floyd for me, and they'll inevitably get the Led out to make us both happy. It being "Guitar Gods Weekend," we figured our trip out to the burbs would rock pretty hard.

It was a letdown. Instead of getting Hendrix, Trower, Page, etc. as promised by 101's promo spots, we hit a block of music that strung together Peter Gabriel, The Band, U2, and The Beach Boys. When The Tragically Hip came on as we approached our destination, fancylady said, "God, it's gonna be great when they have 'Drum Gods Weekend' and they play lots of Def Leppard."


Metal Mark said...

That reminds me of back in the 80's when Hit Parader would have a year end voting for best of's. Because someone like Motley Crue were popular then you would have Mick Mars in the top five best guitarists or Vince Neil would beat out Ronnie James Dio for best vocalist. What a joke.

FredCQ said...

Is The Edge a guitar god? Oh man, times are changing.

Mark: Hit Parader! I remember those cheesy poles where Nikki Sixx would beat out Steve Harris as best Bass player, lol.

al said...

The Edge is an effect pedal/tone god.
Bono is a twit.