Friday, January 07, 2005

Happy birthday to me (I was born on a Friday, too, sez mum). According to this, Kenny Loggins and Screech from Saved by the Bell will also be enjoying some cake today.

Tonight I’m going to hang out with fancy and Mel & Adam. Tomorrow I need to get Clutch tickets for me and Smash and maybe see The Life Aquatic, even though moviegoing is a dangerous undertaking.

Reading about that incident at Metropolis reminded me of a shitty Saturday we had last fall. First we wasted a couple hours at the VAG’s Massive Change exhibit (with a whole room devoted to the Segway, nothing but a laughing stock the moment they showed Gob tooling around on one on Arrested Development), then rushed over to Tinseltown to see Julianne Moore in The Forgotten. Not only was it a bad film (not even bad in a good way), it was totally ruined by three stoned teenagers with cell phones a few rows ahead. We should have left early and got our money back. Instead we stayed till the end, hating every minute of it, and got lost in a back stairwell leaving the theatre. When we got outside, our three pals from the movie were loitering down the block. We tried to get a cab home (we were completely sick of humanity by then), but when the first taxi approached, one of the three teenagers rushed to the curb and got in it before we could. Yeah, I’d like to get that whole day back.

I wouldn’t mind watching the last episode of The Office this weekend. The second series has been getting more painful with each episode, though, and I’m not sure I can take it. I can’t imagine what else the show’s creators can do to poor David Brent, or more accurately, what they’ll have David do to himself. I sit there every episode thinking, “No. Stop that, David. Walk away.” Yet he does not. He cannot—he’s David Brent, an open sore, a human hangnail we can’t help waggling.

The most evil thing about this show is that as the pain intensifies, so do the laughs. The last episode we watched (Comic Relief Day) was excellent, and featured a grand scene with Finchy, who’s a favourite of mine partly because he looks like IQ guitarist (and lunatic in his own right) Mike Holmes. While I need to see the finale of the series right now, (then check out the follow-up special, naturally) I wish I could drag it out some more...prolong the agony.

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