Monday, January 10, 2005

Everybody was so great to me all weekend. We went over to Mel & Adam & Simon’s on Friday night for Chinese food, chocolate cake and Mario Party 6. The belter got me that SCTV box I’d been wanting so damn much, and Mel & Adam gave me a gift card that sent me to A&B on Saturday (I picked up Annie Hall and Female Trouble). Fancy and I saw Sideways on Saturday afternoon, then Smash had me over for a stereo party that night (playlist included Forstella Ford, Painting Daisies [who’ve become a better band than I remember from that CBC battle of the bands they won], Nebelnest, Saul Duck, Caravan, Roger Dean Young, Necrophagist, Circle Takes the Square, Mass, and Hot Cross). Sunday was the first Tarkake jam of the year, then I had dinner out with the Hugheses. Dad’s a lot like me in that he can’t relax until he reaches his destination, especially when he’s transporting a bunch of people. But once we were seated and his usual first course disaster (tepid minestrone) was overcome, he warmed up nicely with some stories about him and mom befriending their neighbourhood grow operator on Mayne Island.

I was listening to the Miles Davis’s Complete Jack Johnson Sessions over breakfast this morning, and by coincidence I just found out that Ken Burns has made a new documentary about the first black heavyweight champion. I’ll have to check it out when it airs later this month. Funny, this article doesn’t mention the 1970 Jack Johnson movie that used Miles’s music, though it does say that Wynton Marsalis composed "period-style music" for this new documentary. I think I'll stick with Miles.

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