Saturday, January 11, 2003

We had a nice, low-key bowling night on Friday. The whole place was empty when we arrived, and stayed that way through most of our first game. When we started the second game, about half the lanes were busy. Nice to see Billy Idol a couple lanes away…or was it Jim Jarmusch, or possibly Johnny Slash from Square Pegs? Friday’s definitely a good night to go to the Grandview Lanes.

Our lane was pretty stingy with the strikes, though. I think someone must have spilled a Coke right where they set up the pins. Something was definitely making them stick. You’d bowl what looked to be a strike, only to be rewarded with the dreaded “goal posts.” Lane 13 is a harsh mistress.

I also got a swell birthday present in beer form from Mel and Adam. Laying the cans side-by-side, I can almost recreate the fondly remembered “Famous Ales of Britain” box, a delicious array of beverages that saw Acmac and me through recording the Huxley album.

Stopped in at Scrape Records today. JJ, who by now knows all too well what I like, thrust the Repertoire Records catalogue at me and put on a CD he’d ordered from it simply because of the cover. Man. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Birth Control, a band with a discography unparalleled for its sheer visual assault. Shark Sandwich and Brain Hammer have nothing on these. The music is equally as splendid, I’m happy to report.

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