Saturday, January 18, 2003

Ain't Love Grand?
From an interview with Herr Morbid of Forgotten Tomb:
"Every day I wake up and I feel shame because I’m forced to live my existence between these fucking mindless beings that represent the plague called humanity… Fortunately I feel quite un-human so I can survive and feel better, vomiting all my scorn and hate towards people through my music and my words. And I feel good when I see that there are intelligent people that understand my philosophy. I hate friendship and I have very few reliable friends, because to be a friend of mine you have to be really un-human… I saw a lot of old friends starting as true un-human guys and then slowly falling towards a classic shameful human existence; it’s really sad in my eyes. Sometimes you feel really lonely when you decide to live this way. Fortunately I’m married with a wonderful and un-human girl, and she’s the only person I can actually consider unique on this fucking planet."

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