Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I’m looking forward to seeing King Crimson at the Commodore this weekend. I’m amused by the fact that I’m going with about five other people. How did that happen? I remember the days when I didn’t have anyone to go to shows with. I’d pass up bills like Metallica/Exodus/Metal Church at the New York Theatre because none of my friends liked what I liked. Eventually I got up the nerve to go to shows by myself, but it was never any fun. After walking out of a particularly depressing Pixies gig I decided the solo thing wasn’t for me, although I’ve had a couple relapses since then.

I've never had a problem with going to movies by myself. Once the lights go out, everyone's alone, I guess.

I’ve seen KC before, as well as gigs by related projects and personnel. Here are my predictions for the show:
1. Robert Fripp will play sitting down.
2. Someone will say that they found the concert boring because of this.
3. At various points I’ll have no idea which instrument is producing what sound.
4. I’ll get a good whiff of someone’s B.O.
5. A guy in a sheepskin vest will go bonkers when they play anything pre-’74.
6. I’ll overhear conversations about music that I’ve only had in my head before.
7. After the show lets out, we'll laugh nervously whenever it is mentioned again.
8. No lineup for the ladies’ room.

I wonder if I can grow an eggy beard (tm Glitzy Cape) in time for the gig?

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