Monday, February 24, 2003

The Tastebot's Top 30
The little droid that monitors my activity on Amazon recommended the following 30 titles. Am I 50 years old? Am I 25? Am I, as Acmac once put it, singular yet catholic? I already own the titles in bold, so you can see how accurately they've profiled my musical "taste." Crazy. Is this my future?

National Health: Complete
Blue Cheer: Outsideinside
Transatlantic: Bridge Across Forever
Happy the Man: Happy the Man
Captain Beyond: Sufficiently Breathless
Happy the Man: Crafty Hands
Fu Manchu: California Crossing
Moby Grape: High Sign
The Brought Low: s/t
White Stripes: de Stihl
United by Fate: Rival Schools
The Soft Machine: Fourth/Fifth
…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead: Source Tags and Codes
Spock’s Beard: Snow
Cactus: Cactology—the Cactus Collection
Blue Cheer: Megaforce Years
Atomic Rooster: Death Walks Behind You
Vanilla Fudge: s/t
Porcupine Tree: In Absentia
Montrose: Montrose (early Sammy Hagar!)
Cactus: s/t
Leaves: Leaves are Happening!
The Flower Kings: Stardust We Are
Budgie: In For the Kill
Nick Gravenites and Mike Bloomfield: My Labors and More
Savoy Brown: Hellbound Train
Shadows of Night: Oh Yeah (best of)
Steve Hillage: Fish Rising
Gentle Giant: In a Glass House
Hawkwind: Hall of the Mountain Grill

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