Friday, February 28, 2003

Boys and their stuff.
The belter and I had a nice dinner at JR and Rob’s last night. They’ve been busy acquiring a lot of nice things—a space-age mountain bike, an IMAX-sized computer monitor, a sleek grey cat (Gypsy, named for the Fleetwood Mac song, natch), 8 gazillion DVDs… While I pondered where I could possibly sit down, I was happy to see the ever-present domino stack of new vinyl creeping across the floor at the foot of the stereo cabinet.

I also remarked that the flashing red LED on the spine of Pink Floyd’s Pulse live CD was still going after all these years…since ’95, in fact. Impressive longevity for what must have been a small, disposable battery. Then JR admitted he’d been feeding it fresh AAs every once in a while, so as not to lose the “pulse.” Wow, that’s dedication. JR, you’re a freak and I love you.

(Christ on a crutch, he’s not alone.)

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