Friday, June 07, 2002

Just wanted to make note of a couple new additions to the catalogue.

I was well chuffed to take home a pile of the new Dead City Radio release, Dead City Roadway, from Edmonton last weekend. Most of it was recorded during my last visit, in March of '99. It's a concept album, a soundtrack to an imaginary road movie and, whaddya know, it really works as such. I'm liking it more and more with every listen. Tweek went nuts with the e-bow. It snakes through nearly every track. I'm hearing a Goblin vibe on certain songs, too. Maybe we should try a soundtrack to an imaginary zombie movie next time out. Maybe I should record one myself...

Smash, JR, Mr. Black, Robertson, Shockk, step forward and claim your copies.

My first foray into the print medium. It's a tribute to the belter, and none of you get to read it.

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