Monday, October 26, 2009

Noctis Fest, Part II

It took a while to write, but you can read my roundup of the live action at Noctis III at

I didn't expect to find any good record stores in Calgary, but what do I know? When we went for lunch with Jenn's friend Elise on Saturday afternoon, I spotted Recordland. Aside from the name, I wasn't actually sure that this bunker-like edifice contained any records. All the windows appeared to be boarded up, and the door was one of those wire mesh-reinforced deals featuring little more than a "Come in, we're OPEN" sign. I was a bit nervous going in. Would I come out again? Were the Devil's Rejects in there?

Recordland turned out to be awesome. I found the CD section first, but ended up ignoring it once I saw the portal into the vinyl catacombs.

Suffice to say I could have spent all day in there. Fortunately, I could recall some items on my want list, so I went in pursuit of a few specific items. I found:
  • Miles Davis, Agharta
  • UFO, Force It
  • David Crosby, If Only I Could Remember My Name
  • Def Leppard, High and Dry (1984 reissue with extra tracks for my pal Shockk)
If Noctis IV happens next year, I'll have to mount an all-out assault on the place.

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S Robertson said...

Could have said "Mule Land"... oh to be a fly on the wall to catch the look on your face once you saw the stash.