Saturday, April 04, 2009

Kiss, by Kope

The ever-cunning Julian Cope sidesteps his monthly task of cherry-picking some long-neglected classic for his Album of the Month by making his own compilation and deeming it to be the AotM. It's not the first time he's done this, but to me, this month is a cannonading classic because he's done and compiled his ideal KISS album, KISS Krossword, complete with an actual KISS Krossword!

Cope's essay is a must for any grown-up KISS nerd. For example:
"Anyway, what made The Gene & Co. so smart, was how well they understood what mid-70s US youngsters DID NOT WANT! For, just as young white 60s kids were quite happy to hear rampant declarations of impending fucking just so long as those songs were sung by pretty young white boys, and not by the scarily horny mid-40s Negro originators, so were mid-70s white kids still quite happy to receive a carbon copy of their older siblings’ Heavy Music just so long as it was delivered to them not by Sweaty Arsed Leslie West and Leicester’s Graham Barnes, oops, sorry, Alvin Lee, but by the Rock equivalents of Batman and Spiderman."

As for my Kompilation Kredentials, here is the Cheap Trick/KISS Maxell XLII 90:

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