Thursday, June 19, 2008

I nearly had an aneurysm when I spied this ad on the back page of Exclaim! Here we see Noah and the other creepy Rogers Wireless kids eagerly having their phones scanned to gain admission to a hot Live Nation concert featuring Simple Plan. Fortunately, it's an exaggeration. Our favourite communication conglomerates are not actually offering virtual tickets via cell phone...yet.

Still, this ad gleefully condones flaunting your phone at rock concerts, and that to me is a bad thing. Many people agree, and you can read about it here. Roger Waters—surprise—finds them irritating. I hope the tide turns soon, and at some future gig, we'll see Noah and his friends taking out their phones for the doorman, who will confiscate the devices and feed them into a crusher.

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Rhodeislandrock said...

Remember when you would go to a concert and bring a lighter for the ballads? Now everyone opens their cell phone.....very annoying!

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