Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Class of '87
Having bought these albums during 1987, I arranged them on the living room floor, and photographed them—proof that I've always been a sad bastard with too much spare time.

Who else owns any of these? Bonus cred points for having the vinyl, of course.


ACM said...

I've got six of them, all on vinyl:

Bedtime for Democracy
Strangeways Here We Come
Hold Your Fire
Garage Days
Clutching at Straws
Warehouse: Songs and Stories

ACM said...

Okay, now that I look at the list I see it adds up to seven. Still not fully awake this morning.

S Robertson said...

Strangeways here we come
Louder than bombs
Electric (on tape and CD)

bob_vinyl said...

On vinyl:
DK - Bedtime for Democracy
Anthrax - Among the Living
SNFU - If You Swaer...
Voi Vod - Killing Technology
Smiths - Louder than Bombs
Pink Floyd - Momentary Lapse
Metallica - Garage Days
Cult - Electric
Jethro Tll - Crest of a Knave
Husker Du - Warehouse

On CD:
DK - Give Me Convenience...