Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Top 15 Albums of 2006 (Unrestrained! magazine version)
With deadlines approaching for the year-end issue, I had to come up with a top 15 for the year. I wouldn't mind having another few weeks to mull this over...maybe give that Celtic Frost album another listen, or find out if that Gathering album had any staying power. But the best thing to do is not to think about it too hard, sort out a list that looks valid as of tonight, and fire it off. Here's what I submitted.

1. Comets On Fire—Avatar (Sub Pop)
2. Six Organs Of Admittance—The Sun Awakens (Drag City)
3. Devin Townsend Band—Synchestra (InsideOut)
4. Napalm Death—Smear Campaign (Century Media)

5. The Brought Low—Right On Time (Small Stone)
6. Mastodon—Blood Mountain (Warner Brothers)
7. Zombi—Surface To Air (Relapse)
8. Kayo Dot—Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue (Robotic Empire)
9. Voivod—Katorz (The End)
10. Estradasphere—Palace Of Mirrors (The End)
11. Dysrhythmia—Barriers And Passages (Relapse)

12. Tragedy—Nerve Damage (Tragedy)
13. OSI—Free (InsideOut)
14. Anata—The Conductor’s Departure (Wicked World)
15. Madder Mortem—Desiderata (Peaceville)

They also served: Enslaved—Ruun, Katatonia—The Great Cold Distance, Agalloch—Ashes Against The Grain, The Gathering—Home, Melvins—A Senile Animal, Mogwai—Mr. Beast, Pearls and Brass—The Indian Tower


Anonymous said...

I would probably put Celtic Frost at the top of my list...but that's just me. It took a while for Monotheist to click with me and now I love it.

I would put Napalm Death high on my list as well. I love the new CD. They keep getting better and better.

Going to see them tonight, BTW!

The Mule said...

Have fun, Fred. I had to miss the Frost when they came through my part of the world because I was in Hawaii.

Smash said...

Fred, you freaked me out man ! I thought you were saying Napalm is touring over here, but alas they're in Europe right now. That is a live band never to miss.

I saw the Frost tour, and it was killer as you know by now. They played all the hits. Ooooooot !!!

Mule, I forgot to tell you. I was wearing my Frost touque at the Dixie Chicks show and a big security guy came up to me and asked me all about the Frost gig, wanting to know if they played anything off "Apocalyptic Raids". What're the odds?

Good job with the Canadian Metal Week reply. Gotta tell you about the Between The Buried and Me gig when you get back into town. Stupendous sound, and as always the kids are alright.

Ah ... I'll spoil some of it. During one intermission two girls were ballet dancing (they'd obviously studied it, doing nice twirls and the like), some guys were slow-motion hardcore dancing/sparring along side the girls, and a few others were singing along loudly with mock operatic gestures. The song blaring from the PA? Bohemian Rhapsody. This was after BtBaM did a cover of Bicycle Race in their set, replete with the singer having a shortened mic stand and hitting the highest notes cleanly, the crowd all singing along. Then factor this was some of the best sound I've heard at a gig. What fun !

Anonymous said...

Smash: Napalm is touring America. They will be in Philly on December 19th at the Starlight Ballroom.