Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm having a heavy evening jumping back and forth between the BraveBoard and Myspace. Tim from Evil Legend Records has his mitts on Toronto's Blood Ceremony, who are looning around in a Pentagram/Witchcraft/Burning Saviours proto-doom haze. It took about 20 seconds of "Children of the Future" for me to almost soil myself. Brilliant, and I can't wait until Tim puts their album out.

The Energizer called me up earlier and weighed in with Danava, from Portland and signed to Kemado Records. The album comes out on Halloween, the perfect time to hurl yourself into a bonfire of fuzzed-out riffage, electronic effects, and (hail!) vocals that actually add melody and expression to the songs. These guys are touring with Witchcraft in October and playing Seattle on a Monday night, which kinda scuppers any quick trip down south to catch them without missing work. Hearing this band almost makes up for losing Portland doom heroes YOB last year.


FredCQ said...

What is your Myspace page? I will add you to my buddy list.

Good ole Tim. I purchased all of my Slough Feg CDs from him. I would have never known about them if it weren't for him!

The Mule said...

Tim's the man. If he's into it, it's worth a listen.

I don't have a Myspace page. Keeping this blog going is about all I can handle.

FredCQ said...

Okay. I thought you mentioned somehting about myspace in your webpage.

Who are you on Braveboard? I'm FQ! but I haven't been posting much lately, just lurking.

The Mule said...

I'm cigares_volants on the BB. I post pretty sporadically; I'm at just over 700 now.

Metal Mark said...

I love Pentagram and Witchcraft and try to push them any chance I have. I also liked YOB and had just gotten into them before they broke up last year.