Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I wanted to say farewell to this old chum—my faithful JVC CD player. The first album it played was U2's The Joshua Tree, and the last disc its laser caressed was Duke Ellington's Piano in the Foreground. The LED display burned out several years ago, but I only gave up on it after the tray stopped sliding out last week. This anomaly negatively affected the user experience.

So meet the new boss—our Panasonic DVD/CD player, so generously donated by Mel and Adam down the hall a couple Christmases ago. After a trip to The Source at Kingsgate Mall for extra cables (no, I don't think I will buy the extended three-year warranty) I was back enjoying the tinny, overcompressed sounds of the world's latest obsolete media format.


S Robertson said...

My old JVC is doing it's last leg down at the Sanctuary...
And it was Rob West's old one back in 1988 until i gave him a bad check for it. It did time all over the place, and the piece of shit stalling-skipping- mis reading combo dvd drive i scraped out of the bargain bin at London drugs makes me want to kill.
Maybe it's a bad disc they tell me... I'm sure it's both when you're living in a shithole world.

Ain't that right Mule.

By the way, there is a movement to dub Willingdon Black "Willingdon Black Mule"... a clear common sense argument has been laid down on the side of that being a good idea.

Probably be better to email you these progressions rather than post them on your "comments page"... it was that shithole world bit that got me into reminiscing on a fine Mule E Communication.

less said the better.


The Mule said...

Mighty fine, mighty fine, Blogerson. Don't drag WB down by saddling him with the cursed Mule name. Leave the man free to spread guitar rock righteousness across the land.

Looking forward to getting the new 21TR and WB albums.