Thursday, April 07, 2005

Another bus ad staring me in the face this morning—this one for Rogers video phones.

Girlfriend spits gum out window.
Window is closed.

…It’s funnier to see it on video

However, some wag with a felt pen changed one consonant in one noun, rendering the whole scenario obscene yet hilarious in a grade 9 way. Considering this smut-minded young adbuster's editing work, I’m not sure it would have been funnier to see the revised version on video.

When I can't find some random filth to enjoy, I wish I had an alternative to staring at ads on the bus. What this city really needs is a free daily newspaper in a handy size, where I can read about local scandals and celebrity crimes in the time it takes me to get from Commercial Drive to Production Way. I’d prefer it have a layout and design similar to Highlights for Children. CanWest and the Pattison Group should take that ball and run with it.

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