Thursday, February 24, 2005

With fancylady holed up on the island working on The Book, I'm living a humble life of disarray this week. I'm eating dinner at 9, watching movies and worrying about a burning sensation in my right foot, which I think was caused by new shoes and drumming for Tarkake a week ago today. I don't like it.

I wanna post something, so here's what's in my bag this week:
Blood Red Throne – Altered Genesis
New from Earache/Wicked World. This harks back to the classic Sunlight Studios Swedish DM sound with mass power chords and headcrushing midrange. Although the execution is ultimately a little sterile, this has a few great songs that have stuck with me and keep me coming back to it.

Xasthur – Telepathic With the Deceased
Xasthur tend to polarize people. They're either swept away by the grim atmosphere or bored to death. My colleague ChaoticTate compared them to Neurosis in that respect. I've decided I fall into the latter camp. I'm not getting any sense of communication from this music and, most importantly, it doesn't rock. Neurosis, whatever mode they're in during a given song, always rocks.

Lost Soul – Chaostream
Another Wicked World jobby, this one from Poland. I've just given this one good listen, so can't say much about it.

Wetnurse – s/t
Look for a full review of this in a bit. Great stuff.

Miles Davis – Black Magus
Takes a while to find its evil groove, but when it does, there is none more grim. True telepathy with the deceased.

Tarkake liveoffthefloor stuff
So I can pick it apart and torture myself.

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