Thursday, September 12, 2002

I wrote a buttload more about Rush today. I got carried away, and my breezy concert summary has become a meditation on all things Rush-like. It's quite stupid, and you can expect it later this week.

Spent tonight copyediting 37 pages of album reviews for Unrestrained!, so my eyes and mind are burnt. However, I learned about new albums by Isis (check it out, they're on Ipecac now) and Napalm Death (I could sure do with going to a Napalm show in the next few months), and got further reassurance that I should buy the new Agalloch album. The Energizer's expecting some reviews from me tonight, but I haven't written them yet. The stuff he sent me wasn't too inspiring, though it was diverse--a bit of prog metal (urgh, it's Threshold), some Polish crap (Aion, who fail to gain any mystique by naming themselves after a Dead Can Dance album), and some useful hardcore in the form of Samadhi.

I'm going to have a bath and mull things over.

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